How Do You Start Skin Care

With so many products out there, how do you know which one is right for you? Starting Skin Care includes skin types, Sensitive Skin, Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Royal Jelly and herbs.

What Can You Do For Your Skin?

Skin care starts with you. Here are some general starting items that you can do:

1. Drink Plenty of Water – water flushes out the bad toxins and waste.
2. Eat More Fiber – The average person consumes only 12 grams of fiber per day. For middle-aged women, 25 grams of fiber is recommended. You can get fiber from whole grains, beans and cauliflower.
3. Exercise – Start moving to increase your metabolism, lower stress, and develop a well-toned body.
4. Cut Down on Sugar – Donuts, cakes and pies all contain a lot of sugar. Sugar contributes to wrinkled skin.
5. Consume Healthy Fat from fish, flaxseed and supplements. Essential Fats keep the heart healthy and fight inflammation.

Why Should You Avoid Mineral Oil?

Mineral Oil is a petrochemical product. It is developed from a chemical refinery.

Mineral Oil is not a good moisturizer. Mineral Oil can start to block the skin pores, causing acne. Mineral oil can also cause dryness and skin aging.

Mineral Oil can be dangerous. By applying Mineral Oil, you can be at risk for cancer. Mineral Oil has been known for causing skin diseases like Acne.

What Can You Do?

Try to avoid products with mineral oil. Instead, start to use products that promote natural skin care. With natural oil, you can start to reverse the dryness and aging skin.

Herbal skin care includes Aloe Vera, Herbs, Tea and other natural treatments.

Why Should You Start Using Aloe Vera?

Aloe Vera is a natural product that protects the skin from the harsh environment. Aloe Vera also provides moisturizers and vitamins to the epidermis. Aloe Vera is used in extreme cold and hot conditions. In the summertime, Aloe Vera relieves the heat caused by sunburn.

Aloe Vera relieves cracked and dry skin. Aloe Vera can make your dry skin shiny and normal. For any time during the day, you can use Aloe Vera on dry skin.

Why Use Green Tea?

You can start using Green Tea. The benefits to using Green Tea include:

1) light natural scent that can improve mood
2) can prevent and repair damage from UV rays of sunlight.
3) delay aging of skin
4) good for oily skin
5) can help treat acne
6) preventing skin cancer
7) can improve your complexion.

You can develop a green tea mist using a spray bottle. Then, spray the green tea mist all over your face. You can also do a green tea eye treatment to relieve puffy eyes.

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