Skin Care for the Teenage Years

Teen years can be the best times of your life. This is where we get to have fun, enjoy the company of our friends and explore life’s adventures. However, the teen years are also the time when pimples and breakages begin to appear on the skin. Both boys and girls can get pimples or acne but girls are more prone to skin problems than boys.

Having the right skin is what you need your teenage years. There are many skin care products suited for a teen’s skin and there are many physician’s who can give you the best advice in how to care for your skin. Proper skin care is simple and very effective in preventing pimples and outbreaks.

The target in caring for the teenager’s skin is to reduce the oiliness of skin, remove the dead cells and prevent the bacterial growth. Skin care varies depending on the skin type and on the oiliness of the skin whether dry or normal.

Moisturizing is one of the basics of a good skin care. Make sure to choose the best moisturiser that is suited to your skin. Some moisturizers can be heavy or oily which can make acne worst. The best facial moisturizer can be applied on your face after cleansing to prevent drying of the skin. Skin that is dehydrated can cause irritation and breakouts.

Minimizing the use of make-up can also prevent worsening of acne. Wearing make-up frequently can irritate your pimples and lead to more acne. Be sure to properly remove all your make-up. Wash your face with cold water before going to bed. Use make-up that is hypoallergenic and uses natural ingredients.

There are many homemade products that are good in treating acne related problems. Aloe Vera is a commonly used plant in preventing any type of skin outbreaks. You can cut a leaf and apply a small bit of gel to the skin. This can be easily applied on the face once a day and rinsed with water after 10 minutes.

Diet is also essential in taking care of your skin. Poor diet of teenagers usually lead to problems related to acne. Teens love to eat fried and junk foods which make their skin oily as well. Eating the right kinds of food makes the skin glow. Teens should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to have clear and radiant skin. Proper hydration with drinking lots of water is one of the best skin care treatment.

Teens like to touch their faces when they have pimples almost out bursting. Make your skin as clean as possible by avoiding touching and scratching the pimples as much as possible. Touching the pimples can leave scars and dark marks which are difficult to go away.

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