Some Important Skin Care Tips

Skin is a mirror to a person’s health and well being. Clean, glowing skin means that a person is happy and healthy. Dull and drab skin automatically signals bad health. Beauty may not be just skin deep, but beautiful skin is surely a sign of beauty. Eating and sleeping well are the most important tips for taking care of the skin a person can follow. Drinking lots of water and eating healthy can also work wonders too. Eating a well balanced diet full of proteins, fruits and vegetables is also good.

Our kitchen is full of stuff which can work wonders for our skin. Lime juice mixed in curd and flours works as a wonderful bleach to get rid of suntan. Orange peels, when rubbed on the face work wonders in moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin. Honey also works as a good cleanser.

Away from the kitchen, the first step in skin care is cleansing. The market is full of all sorts of cleansers to suit various skin types. You can choose one for dry or oily skin. Mild or strong variants are also available. You can also cleanse your skin using cream. Apply cold cream on your skin and wipe it off with a piece of cotton wool. You can also use warm water to open clogged pores. Very hot water can dry up the skin. If you have hard water, use cold cream. Do not cleanse very often. Cleansing once a day, at night is good enough. Do not use soap as a cleansing agent. Dermatologists recommend that soap should not be used neck upwards because soap can harm delicate facial skin.

Another important step for skin care is exfoliation. Exfoliation should only be done once a week. While exfoliating, care should be taken that the skin is not scrubbed too vigorously. Frequent exfoliation can harm the skin as it removes good cells along with dead skin cells. Exfoliating once a week gives the skin a very healthy glow. Moisturizing is the most important skin care technique that one should follow. Moisturizing is as important as eating. Do it twice a day. The market is flooded with a huge variety of moisturizers. Choose the one that is best for your skin type. Separate moisturizers are also available for summers and winters.

Lastly it is very important to apply sunscreen every time you go out in the sun. Applying sunscreen is not only good for your skin; it also protects the skin from diseases caused due to harmful ultra violet rays. Sunscreen also protects the skin from harmful pollutants present in the atmosphere.

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